Sports Card Box-Break Community - For the Fun of it!

Box-Breaks is an auction and forum community dedicated to sports card box breaks and collection of all the 4 major sports.  We are here for the fun first, our love of the hobby and the thrill of opening up a pack or box of cards is what keeps us coming back for more.  Most of us here don't make money, or very little if we do.  For the most part, we make friends and have a good time.

With the majority of us located in the US, there are also members from our good neighbors to the north in Canada, and even overseas in Australia. Other countries are more than welcome to add yourselves to the list, we would be honored to have you join. We're especially proud have some of our brave servicemen and women as members of this great community as well. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, trade or all of the above, welcome to the site.

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